• Advertising campaign design.
  • Outdoor advertising design.
  • Brochure and product catalog design.
  • Point of purchase branding (Posters, standee, danglers, dispenser design etc.).
  • Packaging design.
  • Social Media Contents.


ITPL provides brand name generation.We provide branding service which will provide creation of a unique image and name of a product and service in the customer’s mind, through advertising campaigns with the accordant theme and platform.
We assist our clients with a whole range of online or social media marketing needs, which includes content creation, content promotion, social media management, search engine marketing, website management etc. In this process, our company helps our clients to create a unique identity of a company in the minds of consumers, mainly through branding and creative contents on social media platforms with a consistent theme. Our branding aims to establish a remarkable and unique presence in the market that attracts and maintains the loyal customers for our clients. We understand that every business has its different clients and goals, which is why we contrive for you with the content marketing services that helps you branding and customizing your business with your target audience. In short, we make extremely targeted and smart contents. Our content marketing team is admired for providing the best quality content to our clients from various field and industry.

The uniqueness of our content marketing ideas is a determined drive to maximize Search Engine Optimization. Our company helps you to convey a clear message and confirms your credibility to the target audience. We emotionally connect your target prospects with your product or service. We also try to motivate a group of the target audience of your domain.
We provide a brand identity for your company which includes logo design, logo “lockups”, standard typographic treatments, consistent style for images and having a full library of graphic elements. Other services which we provide under branding includes
• Advertising Campaign Design,
• Outdoor Advertising Design,
• Brochure and Product Catalogue Design,
• Point of Purchase Branding (posters, standee, danglers, dispenser design
• Packaging Design,
• Radio Jingle,
• Television Commercials etc.